Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Well I haven't done one for ages so here's a big catch-up!

Venice and Orient Express - Excellent.  It was really lovely.  If you'd like to see photos have a look at

Kodak Gallery
Discovered after all my weight loss, that I really couldn't manage to eat too much.  (Howl of rage) but still managed lots of lovely ice-cream!  Absolutely waddled off the Orient Express if you're not eating, you're drinking or sleeping.  Almost had to say no to afternoon tea on the Friday but the steward came along with it anyway to tempt us and it would have been rude to have left it!  

Did not manage to have dinner in Venice that night though simply too full.

Funny moment on the train.  I was sitting in the Bar Car after dinner on the Thursday night when a lady came up to me and said "I absolutely LOVE your shoes."  After she'd gone Mike asked me "Where did you get them then?? Are they Charlie Chows?"

Did do 30 mins on the treadmill at the hotel in Venice.  They had FREE brand new packets of  headphones that you could take!  I don't normally use a gym, do you usually get free headphones? I was v. excited! I've given mine to Mike for his iPad2 (Which by the way cost a lot of money but doesn't include a pair of headphones!)

What I didn't like though was that the treadmill had a TV built in and at first I thought it was really good because it killed the boredom, then I glanced sideways in the mirror and saw my posture and I was running like a hunchback leaning forward to look at the TV screen.  V. Bad. 

Ooh yes. Alan Whicker was at the table next to us at breakfast and he was on our plane home as well!  (Yes he is still alive)

Anyway, Venice over, back home.  Due to all the walking I'd only put on about 3 lbs which was great, I'm hovering around 9st9lbs at the moment and with the rest of the training for the HM I should be comfortably under 9.5 st soon.

First weekend back we had friends to stay and my running went by the board

However, the next week I had to get back into it so I set out on my first 10 miler! Did it! It took 2.05 for 10.7 miles. ( It's really odd that however far I go it always evens out at just about 33mins for 5k.)  V. proud of myself I can tell you!  

Funnily, after that I lost all motivation and really hit a low patch. Had quite sore Quads for a few days so I didn't do anything for a few more days.

Had family to stay the next weekend so no running.  2 days exhaustion after they'd all left then I did a normal 30 min treadmill run.  By the end of the week I was limping along badly with a sore Achilles.  WHY???  I didn't do anything different!

This week having rested and iced regularly, massaged with the jacuzzi jets and used Ibuprofen at night Achilles seemed much better so tried a 5 mile run.

(I love the way I can now say "Oh I just tried a 5 miler to see if I'd be OK"  5 MILES!!! WHAT??)

Achilles was fine for run and a bit stiff later in day.  I don't think I've done it any damage it's just got a bit grumpy.  I'm still icing, and Ibuprofening at night and when I get up in the morning it's stiff but I can walk and stretch it off.

Anyway, all guests are gone now bar one 9yr old for Harry Potter 3D and  a sleepover next Tuesday so from now on everything is focussed on the HM at the end of September.

I've started to get sponsorship now and people are being v. generous. My Just Giving Page

Just remembered something else my dreadful husband said on the Orient Express.

We were having dinner when a very elderly couple went past.  They looked magnificent, him in DJ and her in a lovely evening dress, but they were walking using 2 sticks each.  It's quite difficult to walk on the moving train anyway and I said to Mike, "How brave of them to come on a train journey when they're both on sticks."

He replied "Hmmph, they're probably getting off in Switzerland."

(Think about that for a moment)


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  1. Brilliant photos and you look FABULOUS darling! The food on the Orient Express looks divine x