Sunday, 9 October 2011

Half Marathon (better late than never)

I thought I'd better get this blog out before the Royal Parks crowd all do theirs v. efficiently tomorrow ;)

So 2 weeks ago I DID my Run to the Beat HM!!!!  It was brilliant.  I met up with Carla (Fortnight Flo) and Alma (Plustenner) and we ran all the way together apart from a short distance in which I had to shoot off and find a toilet or else I'd have had a Paula Radcliffe moment!!  Thanks to the Royal Standard for letting me use theirs! After that I managed to catch them up and we stayed together until the end!

Carla paced us brilliantly and kept us going steady rather than run off like all three of us really wanted to do.  I honestly think that's what made it so much easier than any of my training runs.  I'm definitely going to take more notice of pace in future and less notice of speed.

The weather was a little bit warm, but there were plenty of drink stations and we made sure we took advantage of each of them.  In the last 2 miles we saw several runners collapsed at the side of the road being looked after by medics, so we did the right thing.

We went over the line in official time 2hrs 33 mins!!! Amazing!  My prediction from my training runs was 2h 45m so it was an excellent time.

The support all the way round was terrific.  I had my name on my shirt and it was so good when complete strangers cheered me on and shouted my name. Passed the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research cheer point at about mile 11 and they roared my name out. (I was wearing one of their bright yellow shirts).  I felt like a Superstar!.

Carla's family kept popping up all round the course with a big banner.  I have no idea how they did it.  They must have been running faster than we were :)

I saw Mike and my Mum in the last 500m cheering and taking  photos and it was really nice to see them.

Carla grabbed Alma and my hands and we went across the line all together, yelling!

Then we were finished, all still standing and all feeling great. It was the most amazing feeling.

We got our medals handed in our chips and went to get our bags.  Then we did a bit of stretching and went our separate ways.  That is when everything started to go wrong for me.................TO BE CONTINUED....

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Nearly There!!

So, Half Marathon is on Sunday!!!

I do feel ready now, although I'm not going to break any records.  I was awed when I saw Nell McAndrews coming in at 1hr 25 on the Great North Run last weekend, but there is no fear of me doing that.

My hairdresser did this race 2 years ago when she was 23 and she did it in 2hrs 41, so I'd like to beat her time.  Also one of Mike's granddaughters did the GNR last year in 2hrs 46,  at age 21, so beating either of the girls would do me fine as I'm twice their age. (and the rest).

I finally feel that I have my kit exactly right.

My New Balance 1226 trainers are great.
Garmin Forerunner 610 - v. efficient.  I've pared the info back to the bare minimum for Sunday so I'm not running along trying to work out what it all means.
Runkeeper as a back-up, my old pal and not really an added extra as I use the iPhone for music.
My Senneheiser 680i headphones are excellent, they just don't fall out even when my face and ears are all sweaty. (Nice).
Shock Absorber Run Bra - terrific, now I've finally got the shoulder straps at the right level so they don't unhook themselves as I'm going along.
Best of all 1000 mile tactel trainer liners.  These are the BEST socks ever.  They have completely stopped me getting blisters which used to be a real issue.

I do have a penchant for running with the kitchen sink, and watching the GNR on Sunday no-one seemed to be wearing belts.  I will definitely have a small bumbag on as I don't feel happy without sweeties, and a couple of hankies, even if I don't use them.
There was a man with a fridge on his back.  My sort of runner.  I'd have it stocked with drinks, sweeties, loo roll, and also make-up, hairbrush, spare clothes,  mirror, body spray.

Hoping to finally meet Fortnight Flo on Sunday!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Strange times

So, since my last blog what's been happening?

Well,  In spite of being "Proper Poorly and on antibiotics", I didn't think I could let up on my training, so  I went out round our fields the day after starting the meds.  It was lovely.  I haven't run round there for ages and it was a gorgeous day and Buster came with me (most of the way).  It was only about 3km, but it is on rough and hilly terrain so it's quite hard work.

Had finished most of the run, Buster flying along gamely with his Racing Ears on and streaming out behind him, when suddenly I realised that he was no longer with me. This was after I'd just gone round our largest field and I'd last seen him at the far end of it, which is separated only by a hedge from the main road.

I called him and got no answer so I thought OK I'll do another lap of the field.  Went round again, and on this second lap, (we'll come back to this later) had to cut a corner at the top end as the sheep had huddled in that corner and I didn't want to run through them and scare them.

No sign of Buster. Curses.

Next part of run took me back to  and around the house.  Buster sitting on doorstep watching me go by, had had enough of running and taken himself home. Ignored faithless hound and kept running.

Finished run and saved it on Runkeeper, and on Garmin.

Oh Runkeeper, what is going on???

I could not have got where I am today with my running if it hadn't have been for Runkeeper, it has been my total inspiration to keep going and keep seeing how far  and where I've been.   Lately however it has let me down time and time again, hence my expensive Garmin purchase. Runkeeper and I have been round our fields countless times with no problems, but this time, like so many of late, it told me that I'd run 9.7 km in the opposite direction, very fast!

Garmin on the other hand was astonishingly accurate, right down to showing the exact path I'd used to cut the corner on the 2nd lap of the big field.

I have my gripes with Garmin. I am pretty computer savvy, but it has been a complicated matter getting to grips with the functions of the Garmin and the Garmin connect website. the Forerunner 610 is the latest and best of their products but they don't  seem to have the 'support' part sorted out properly yet for it and on some parts of the site the 610 isn't even mentioned! It is getting better, but it was a bit disappointing at first.

If anyone gets a 610 and is having probs feel free to ask me as I've figured out a lot of stuff about it now that really ought to be explained more fully in the manual or on the support.

Also on the Garmin map of your run it doesn't show km or mile markers, just the whole run.  Being used to it with Runkeeper, I find it very useful, and I'm missing it on the Garmin map.

In spite of buying the Garmin I have also paid for Runkeeper Elite so that my husband can track where I am when I'm out running on my own.  He worries that I'll be murdered or kidnapped so at least he'll be able to find my body when that happens :)  .  It is a brilliant facility and Garmin don't offer it.  Luckily I hadn't shown him how to use it the other day though or he'd have seen me shooting off at very high speed down the road away from home and been convinced that I'd been bundled into a van and taken away!  Police helicopters would have been scrambled and I would have been running around our fields innocently watching them and wondering what they were looking for.

The week went on and I continued to take the antibiotics, the antibiotics and I did not get on too well.  First I developed hives which started on my legs and gradually spread to my arms, chest and scalp. I also began to get a v. poorly tummy.  I still didn't give in though and on the following Wednesday set out again to try for my 14 mile run.  Didn't do 14 miles because I hadn't planned the route very well and was back at the car after 10 miles.  BUT 10 MILES!!  Again I've run 10 miles it is quite astonishing to me that I can do that.

I could have done 14. If I'd been 4 miles away from the car I'd have got back, but I was tired.  However I know that If I can do 10 miles all on my own at this stage and with an upset tummy, I will definitely finish 13.1 miles on Sept 25th with lots of people around me and all the music going on etc.

I don' t think that I really like doing that distance on my own.  It's too far with no-one to egg you on and take your mind off it all.  I'm proud that I've done it - twice - but I'll be glad not to do it again.

Got home and spent the rest of the day rehydrating.  I was SO thirsty.  That night I had another really bad night like I had back in June.  It feels like flu.  Everything aches, every molecule of my body.   I was freezing cold and shivery. I lay awake until 1.30 then I had to get up due to tummy trouble.  That carried on all night and I had 4 loo visits. Eventually I thought to take some ibuprofen and that stopped the pains and I was able to get some sleep.

I looked back at this blog to see what I'd been doing the day before the last instance like this, but it was only 30 mins of tennis, so I don't think that the 10 mile run was directly responsible. Not Nice!

Anyway, have given myself a break since then.  Finished antibiotics on Friday and the side-effects stopped yesterday, so I'm just going to do a 30min treadmill run now.

Antibiotics did nothing but make me feel ill and my tongue is just the same.  Dr. has no idea what is wrong and has now referred me and I'm seeing a consultant on Thursday. Who'd have thought your tongue could cause so much trouble?

I feel ready to do the HM now and I wish it was this weekend I just want to get it over with.

Good Luck to everyone else going to Run to the Beat!! xxxx

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Possible Answers!

So, after yesterday's disappointment I set about making sure it wouldn't happen again.

After researching on t'internet, I concluded that both the crackly music, and the ghostly voice commands, were the fault of the earphones.

Earphones have been the bane of my life since I started running. Either they are too big in my ears and they hurt, or they get all sweaty and fall out, or other irritating little problems to numerous to bore you with.

I recently treated myself to some new ones, Radiopaq Flex.  They go round the ear so are less likely to fall out.

They were recommended as very good on a website that was reviewing sports earphones so they were the ones for me.  THEY are the ones that messed me up yesterday.

The have consistently fallen out since I've been using them.  The voice control issue, is apparently if sweat or a breeze gets into the mic hole it sets off the iPhone's voice control randomly, and I don't know why they've gone crackly after only about 6 outings, so I'm not pleased with that purchase.

Anyway I can't run on my own without music, so I bit the bullet and bought Senneheiser 680i's at a very cheap price on eBay yesterday afternoon, and today less than 24 hours later they've arrived - Excellent service.

I've had a go with them just walking about and they are very secure on my head (they have a headband at the back and go over the ears as well).  No cracklyness either, and hopefully when I take them out there'll be no more random phoning people.

Also, I had a Dr. appointment this morning.  For several weeks I've had a really really sore ............tongue!   I've been trying all sorts of medicated mouthwashes but it hasn't got better so I decided to seek advice as it's beginning to get me down a bit. (My husband says it's probably worn out).

I think it's the only time I've been to the Dr. and he's actually said "Stick your tongue out and go aaaaaahhhhh!"

He's not sure what it is, he had a good feel around my head and neck and made me yelp when he discovered that my lymph nodes are swollen.  (I hadn't noticed).  So now I'm on a week long course of Horse tablets  anti-biotics and he wants me back next week.

Anyone got any ideas about sore tongues???  One of my friends said that with the HM training I'm probably a bit "run-down".  Hahahahah!

So I'm blaming the fact that I'm unwell (I'm on anti-biotics, so I'm proper unwell, no arguing) for my poor performance yesterday.

I'm hoping to go out again tomorrow so we'll see if I do any better with my snazzy new earphones.

Watch this space.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Crappy Run

Well that was rubbish!
I decided that I was doing a long run of 14 miles. If I did this I'd be v. happy about the HM at the end of Sept.
I did everything right.
Had Pasta last night, had porridge for breakfast this morning 2½ hours before run.
Everything went wrong.
First my music played all crackly don't know if it was the headphones or the iPod.
I couldn't get into any sort of rhythm.
Then runkeeper spazzed out and told me that I'd already done 34km! Luckily I also had the Garmin on which stayed accurate.
Then the iPhone for whatever reason kept turning voice control on and trying to phone random contacts from the phone book. WHY WAS IT DOING THIS?????
Then the iPod stopped playing altogether.
Then I got stitch!  I never get stitch, in fact I don't think I've ever had stitch once since I started running.
So I though "Bugger it all!" and gave up!  So 14 miles was only 5.63 miles followed by a walk back to the car.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Well I haven't done one for ages so here's a big catch-up!

Venice and Orient Express - Excellent.  It was really lovely.  If you'd like to see photos have a look at

Kodak Gallery
Discovered after all my weight loss, that I really couldn't manage to eat too much.  (Howl of rage) but still managed lots of lovely ice-cream!  Absolutely waddled off the Orient Express if you're not eating, you're drinking or sleeping.  Almost had to say no to afternoon tea on the Friday but the steward came along with it anyway to tempt us and it would have been rude to have left it!  

Did not manage to have dinner in Venice that night though simply too full.

Funny moment on the train.  I was sitting in the Bar Car after dinner on the Thursday night when a lady came up to me and said "I absolutely LOVE your shoes."  After she'd gone Mike asked me "Where did you get them then?? Are they Charlie Chows?"

Did do 30 mins on the treadmill at the hotel in Venice.  They had FREE brand new packets of  headphones that you could take!  I don't normally use a gym, do you usually get free headphones? I was v. excited! I've given mine to Mike for his iPad2 (Which by the way cost a lot of money but doesn't include a pair of headphones!)

What I didn't like though was that the treadmill had a TV built in and at first I thought it was really good because it killed the boredom, then I glanced sideways in the mirror and saw my posture and I was running like a hunchback leaning forward to look at the TV screen.  V. Bad. 

Ooh yes. Alan Whicker was at the table next to us at breakfast and he was on our plane home as well!  (Yes he is still alive)

Anyway, Venice over, back home.  Due to all the walking I'd only put on about 3 lbs which was great, I'm hovering around 9st9lbs at the moment and with the rest of the training for the HM I should be comfortably under 9.5 st soon.

First weekend back we had friends to stay and my running went by the board

However, the next week I had to get back into it so I set out on my first 10 miler! Did it! It took 2.05 for 10.7 miles. ( It's really odd that however far I go it always evens out at just about 33mins for 5k.)  V. proud of myself I can tell you!  

Funnily, after that I lost all motivation and really hit a low patch. Had quite sore Quads for a few days so I didn't do anything for a few more days.

Had family to stay the next weekend so no running.  2 days exhaustion after they'd all left then I did a normal 30 min treadmill run.  By the end of the week I was limping along badly with a sore Achilles.  WHY???  I didn't do anything different!

This week having rested and iced regularly, massaged with the jacuzzi jets and used Ibuprofen at night Achilles seemed much better so tried a 5 mile run.

(I love the way I can now say "Oh I just tried a 5 miler to see if I'd be OK"  5 MILES!!! WHAT??)

Achilles was fine for run and a bit stiff later in day.  I don't think I've done it any damage it's just got a bit grumpy.  I'm still icing, and Ibuprofening at night and when I get up in the morning it's stiff but I can walk and stretch it off.

Anyway, all guests are gone now bar one 9yr old for Harry Potter 3D and  a sleepover next Tuesday so from now on everything is focussed on the HM at the end of September.

I've started to get sponsorship now and people are being v. generous. My Just Giving Page

Just remembered something else my dreadful husband said on the Orient Express.

We were having dinner when a very elderly couple went past.  They looked magnificent, him in DJ and her in a lovely evening dress, but they were walking using 2 sticks each.  It's quite difficult to walk on the moving train anyway and I said to Mike, "How brave of them to come on a train journey when they're both on sticks."

He replied "Hmmph, they're probably getting off in Switzerland."

(Think about that for a moment)


Saturday, 23 July 2011

8 Miles!

So, I took a deep breath and bought a Garmin Forerunner 610!   Oooooh!

I have to say it's been a little complicated to set up, but it's done now and the link at the bottom shows you my 8 MILE RUN!

Runkeeper vs Garmin - opinion so far.

I took them both out for the run, with Runkeeper on silent, just tracking the run.  Sod's Law dictated that Runkeeper worked fine yesterday.  I did 12.98 km according to Garmin and 12.97 on Runkeeper.

Things I like / dislike about each.  I did miss Mrs. Runkeeper's voice telling me how far I'd gone, but Garmin 610 has a vibration alert, so you can set it for every 500m, or whatever you fancy, so that was fine.

I went mad with all the fields available on the Garmin and I'd got FAR too much information being thrown at me during the run.  All I need when I'm running is, the time, how long I've been running for, my speed, and my average speed.  I had calories, direction, accuracy of the GPS to within so many feet, lap times, and a few other things going on on 4 scrolling screens.  It was too difficult to see them all. Will pare right back for next run.  You can see everything else later on on the computer.

I'd like to get to grips with the Virtual running partner, I need to read up on it a bit.  I think that will be a really useful tool.

Annoyingly, I forgot to put on the Heart Rate monitor before I went out.  I've never used one before so I was quite keen to see what my heart rate would be like.  I'll remember it next time.

I'll still take my iPhone out with me because a) I use it as an iPod, and b) when I run, usually on my own, I need a phone for safety, so Garmin is another bit of kit to remember.

I've bought the Garmin for reliability as Runkeeper has been very unreliable of late, so until I've taken it out a few more times I can't tell if it's going to do the same thing. (I hope not).

The Garmin was quite complicated to set up on the computer.  The manual is not brilliant.  However I've done it and the more I use it the easier it'll be.

Garmin uses Bing maps, not Google, and I don't think they're so good.  You can however, look at your run on Google Earth once you've downloaded it, so that solves that problem.

Overall, Runkeeper is great and easy to use, but the reliability issue is a problem for me now.
Garmin is more complicated, and for the price, I do not expect any problems with the GPS, if I do get any I'll be very disappointed.

So, apart from all that, how was the 8 mile run??  Really Good!!

I am absolutely amazed at myself.  It's exactly 2 years ago this weekend that I did my first 5k, I'd gone from 48 years of couch to 5k in 4 months, and now look at me.  Nearly ready for a HM! The 8 miles was just not a problem. I was doing Jeff's recommendation of 15 mins running and 5 mins walking.  Funnily though after about an hour, when I would have expected to be flagging, I was actually finding it easier and could have managed without the 5mins walk breaks.

I had Lucozade Sport diluted by half with water in my bottle, and I also had a couple of Peppermint Creams after about 45 mins.

The new place I've found to run is lovely, all off-road and really pretty.  Husband is a bit worried in case "strange men" jump out of the bushes, but there are a lot of dog walkers about and some bike people and judging by the piles of poo, there must be quite a few horse riders using the route as well.

When I started Venice or Bust, at the beginning of Juneathon, my goal was to get to 9st 7lbs before we go to Venice, which is next Tursday. Well......I've done it!  After my run yesterday I was 9st 6lbs, and this morning I woke up at 9st. 7lbs!!!!  That's 10 lbs lost in 7.5 weeks.

I'll probably put the lot back on in 5 days on the Orient Express and in Venice   ☺☺

8 miles! by kimivory at Garmin Connect - Details

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

July so far

Well since the tyranny discipline of Juneathon ended I've completely stopped blogging.  It felt  like being on school holidays when I didn't have to do that every day! However, I have not stopped the running, and am following Jeff Galloway's Half Marathon training scheme.  I'm tweaking it a little bit as I don't HAVE to do the long run on a Sunday because my time is my own, and so I prefer to do it on Monday or Tuesday, but overall I'm doing what Jeff says and feeling a little bit more confident about the HM in September.

So far in July I've run 10k again for the first time since April 2010, I've gone out with a Running Club (Leighton Fun runners) , I've done my first Parkrun, at Milton Keynes, in the pouring rain, but it was still quite fun, and today I've run my furthest ever distance.  Unfortunately, it wasn't as far as I had planned.

I use Runkeeper with my iPhone and I love it.  I've used it since I started running and  wouldn't have got this far (literally) without it, I owe the Runkeeper people a lot.   I love looking at where I've been and checking my stats.  HOWEVER, I hate to say, but Runkeeper has been letting me down a lot lately.  It cut off during my 5k at Woburn Abbey, it cut off during my first ever Club run, and today it went mental and decided that I'd run 18k, which I knew I hadn't, but I didn't know how far I had run, and my estimate was well out.  I was supposed to do 8 miles according to Jeff, but I ended up only doing 7.1.  More annoying is that I could have gone on, I wasn't dying at the end of it and if I'd known that I needed another mile I'd have done it.

SO, I've decided to invest in a Garmin.  Bit of a price difference between £5.99 Runkeeper, and £300 Garmin, but if I'm going to keep this running lark going, for me, my distances and statistics are really important.

Venice in a week and a bit!!  V. excited.  Not going to run in Venice because it'll be too hot but a few days off won't hurt!

BTW - No blisters!!! 1000 mile socks are brilliant!!!!!!

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Day 29 & Day 30

So, It's over!

Yesterday was just abs.

Today a run outside for 30 mins .

I did nearly every day of Juneathon, I think only a couple of misses, and I have lost 4lbs.  I'd like to have lost more, but 4 lbs = 1lb per week which is what you're supposed to lose if you're doing it sensibly.

I am definitely much more toned up v. flat tummy and when I ran last weekend in the sun, I dug out my old Camelbak running belt with water bottle, and I had to take it in by 2 ins round the waist.. I haven't worn it for months, but I'm obviously slimmer than I was back then!

Half Marathon training now until end of September.  I'm doing the Jeff Galloway programme which allows running and walking which I think will suit me best.

I'm also going to copy Cake of Good Hope and try the 100 pushup challenge  to get lovely toned arms like Jennifer Aniston.

If anyone wants to be Facebook friends you can catch me at

Good Luck to everyone who is training for a big race, especially who is doing the same HM as me.

I'll probably update this from time to time as I quite like blogging now.

Maybe catch up again at Janathon! xxxxx

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Day 28

30 mins on treadmill. HATED IT.  It's funny how sometimes it's easy then other times it's just hard work!
Wasn't helped by the fact that I  ran for the first 10 mins on an incline of 10.  I usually walk for 3 mins on a high incline to stretch my legs out, then zero the machine and start my 30 mins.  Forgot to lower the incline this time, and it was really hard.

Later added weightlifting to my activity.

Place the handlebar post spacer (48) onto the pivot shaft welded on the right side or the main frame. Attach the right handlebar post bracket to the pivot shaft and secure in position with a hex head bolt (50) and washer (49)........... 

That was the first page of the instructions for putting Mum's treadmill together.  It was like reading Chinese.  In fact it was reading Chinese.  The thing was made in China (what isn't?) and some of the instructions were v. bonkers.  It was especially confusing, when on page 3 a random sentence from page 1 was reprinted for no good reason, which threw me right out.

Anyway got it all put together with only 2 screws left over.  Woke up in middle of night worrying about the 2 spare screws.  What if aged mother is on treadmill and the thing falls to bits because I've missed screwing something together. Spoke to her this morning and told her to read instructions again and see if I missed anything out. 

It's actually quite hard work to make it move.  It's not motorised and it does make your legs work.  Mum was planning on doing an hour a night on it while watching TV, but I think that 5 mins will be more than enough to start with.

Only 2 days to go! Hoorah!  

Monday, 27 June 2011

Day 27

So explain this to me. After I did all that running yesterday how come I've put on weight this morning?????

Beloved husband maintains that it is something to do with the 2 bottles of wine I managed to neck during the course of yesterday afternoon. (I was dehydrated wasn't I!?!?)

You'd have thought though that the running might cancel the wine out so I'd have at least remained the same weight.

Life is sometimes very unfair.

V. impressed with new trainers.  No foot or leg ache at all today.  NB1226 it says they're very cushioned and they are!

Swimming today 33 lengths while it's nice weather.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Day 26

Yesterday I did....nothing.  it's not often that Bad Kim really digs her heels in, but Yesterday I mumbled something about better go and do something Juneathony and Bad Kim just said "NO".  I cajoled myself, and that is harder than it sounds, but she said "Bugger it, I'm not doing anything today and you can't make me!" So I gave in and had a day off.  BAD KIM!

Today I ran 7.31km in 56.37 mins,  It was really nice, lovely warm weather and I went to Caldecotte Lake which is a gorgeous place to run.  Lots of other people out running as well so there was a nice feel about the place.  No-one else ever seems to look so red and hot as I do though!

I should have gone a tiny bit further as I ran 56 mins instead of 60, but I sort of ran out of places to go as I was back at the car and short of running in circles I was stumped. Still v. please with myself as I did 6.58km in 60 mins last week.

ALSO, tested out my new 1000 Mile tactel trainer socks, and am v. pleased to report that I do not have a blister where a blister ought to be after running that distance!!!  Usual blister under left big toe joint is absent!!  Excellent!!!

Feet and new shoes seem to have arrived at a truce and no more aches from them so everything is falling into place nicely at the moment.

ALSO - huge excitement.....I have a follower at last!!!!! Thank you Rachel! x

Having a little BBQ this p.m. as the weather is SO fab.

Is there a collective noun for a glut of cucumbers?

I think it should be called an Embarrassment of cucumbers.  I don't know what to do with the things.  This was only yesterday's picking, there are zillions more little ones ripening!!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Day 24 - I have competition

Done my statutory 30 mins on treadmill. Each time I'm going a tiny bit further and faster, so I think that the slower running is paying off.   By end of Sept, I should have built up both speed and stamina. (Well that's' the plan).

Received an email from my mother last night.  Mum will be 81 next month.  She has bought herself a treadmill!

She's fed up with eating nothing but salads and still not losing any weight, so she's bought a small treadmill that will fold up against the wall, which she is going to keep in the lounge, and walk on while she watches TV in the evenings!  Well Good for her I say!

Had fun and games this morning.  Some nice men came and offered to tarmac our drive for cash earlier this week.  They finished this morning, lovely job, and then surprise surprise, said they wanted £2000 more cash.

Husband declined, and after some rowdy banter they left threatening dire reprisals.

Have photos of them and both their vehicles.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Day 23

Excellent 30 mins of cardio, enough to get hot, but hopefully not so much I'll knacker myself like last week.

Ages ago someone told me that you shouldn't do "aerobic" type stuff wearing running trainers, because they are designed to propel you forward and all the sideways movements in aerobics could cause you to damage your knees or ankles.  Remembered that today so I dug out a pair of old plimsoles and used them was MUCH better.  Far easier to move around.

Have put a new page up top giving a bit of detail of how and why I got started in running for anyone interested.

Buster to hairdresser this afternoon,  booo, I love him all fluffy.

Buster before hairdresser fluffy and cute!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Day 22 - New Shoes!

Finally my new trainers arrived!!!  New Balance 1226.
Done 30 mins on the treadmill.  Pain in right foot arch and right knee.  Pain in left shin.  I think that's OK for a new pair of shoes while the highly technical features of the expensive shoe, and my highly unique running gait try to battle eachother into submission. My feet WILL win!

Old trainer gave gasp of joy to see replacements.
"Will you finally retire us??"  they cried
"NO, I don't want to get lovely new trainers dirty and covered in sheep poo like you guys, so will continue to use you on fields and will use lovely new ones on treadmill and tarmac."

Look what else I've done!!!

Day 21

Today did walking, mainly because I thought I'd lost the dog.

His Dad was out cutting thistles in the fields on his big boys mowing machine, and Buster likes to do that as well sitting on Dad's lap on the machine.  Due to rather spectacular accident couple of years ago we now discourage this so Bus was confined to barracks.

I went out to water hanging baskets and left gate open thinking that if he came out he'd stay with me.  Shortly afterwards heard barking from up the drive.  Drat, has gone out to look for Dad.

Walked up drive could not find him. Went to next doors dogs who he usually visits.  Not there.  Oh Bum, has gone for wander to find Dad.  So I set off in pursuit.  Mile and half later no sign of him.  I went indoors, and voila, good dog was indoors and had been there all along.  Juneathon Done!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Day 20

Oh I'm so tired.  I can't be bothered to talk about it.  I'll update tomorrow.

OK. It's tomorrow now.

So, let's start with a confession.  I did no activity on Sunday :(

I think that I overdid it a bit for a few days with Juneathon, starting my half-marathon programme, and the diet for Venice.  The half- marathon programme calls for rest days which I didn't take because of Juneathon and I've been v. v. good about food and I think it all took it's toll Sunday.

When I woke up my legs were like cooked spaghetti and I felt really shaky.

I was supposed to do a 60 minute run for the HM prog, but I just didn't.  I wouldn't have been able to do the whole hour and I'd have felt so demotivated that I'd probably have given up altogether.

Husband's daughter phoned up unexpectedly to say they were popping round to say hello for Father's day, I had to go to Luton to get my own Dad and the morning just ran away.   Took Dad and husband out for lunch, then Dad stayed over.

What fun.  Husband finds father a tiny bit difficult to deal with, Dad is 83 and quite inactive/lazy take your pick. So for rest of day and Monday I was running around, Where's Dad? watching TV, where's Mike?  in his 'Pub' in the garden.  Where's Dad?  in Conservatory, where's Mike?  in kitchen.  Where's Dad in kitchen, where's Mike ??  Seems to have left home.

Anyway, Monday I felt a lot better so went out for the 60 minute run.  Did it, was v. pleased with myself.  Went round the fields up the hills down the slopes, diagonally across neighbour's wheat field what has a lovely track cut through it, and then it all went wrong.  I looked at the edge of the wheat field and thought that I could run along the edge of it all the way round.

I was incorrect. I was running/stumbling through thistles, long grass, stray wheat,  and who knows what else, but whatever it was I was v. allergic to it.  My legs and arms came up in intensely itchy hives see photo above.

Got home decided to go into swimming pool to soothe itchy limbs, swimming pool is salt water. Ow bloody ow ow ow ow!

Couldn't take Piriton as was taking Dad to chiropodist.  I'd caught sight of his feet which more than resembled cloven hooves so made emergency appointment for urgent restoration work.

Did that, took Dad home, went back to my home, took multiple Piriton for the rash had glass of wine and was overcome with tiredness due to drugging myself with excess anti-histamine.

Good news - was 9 stone 11lbs  this morning!!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Day 18

Did walking carrying weights.
OK OK some people might call it shopping, but I walked all around Milton Keynes shopping centre which is v. big, and I carried lots of things I'd bought.

Was supposed to meet Ashleigh at the Apple Store at 11.50 as she had an appointment.  I was there. She was not.  She phoned and said she was stuck in traffic and could I tell them she'd be 15 mins late.

Went for a bit of walking went back at 11.05 - No Ash.  Hung around until 12.30 then texted her to let me know when she arrived and went off for more walking.  Eventually met up at 13.10!  I'd done a lot of walking in that time, then we did more walking all the length of the centre and back.  Weights got heavier as we progressed.

Running for 60 minutes tomorrow. Not sure I can handle the treadmill for that length of time.  Might do 30 on treadmill then 30 round fields if it's not raining.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Day 17

Core and Cardio fitness.  Have done every variation on the crunchie that could possibly be achieved without super-powers.

Piddling with rain.  Lord I. out at golf again, will not be happy.

Have decided to win the Euromillions lottery tonight.

Something had a party on the lid of our hot tub last night.   It did a lot of poo, here are pics of poo.  Can anyone identify??

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Days 15 and 16

OK, I'm going to get in trouble for this but yesterday's activity was not a sport.  I did however lose 1lb when I weighed myself this morning, and I ache in places I'd forgotten could ache.

What did  I do????  Housework!  I hate housework and usually do the bare minimum to stop us suffocating under the dust. However, husband was a a golf jolly all day yesterday so I had the day to myself, and resolved to Spring Clean (ok bit late).

It's a big house and I did all of downstairs completely from ceiling to floor. Threw rugs outside and shook them. Set vacuum cleaner on fire (don't ask, I think it was trying to commit suicide). Washed kitchen down.  Even did all the ironing.  Bonus, window cleaner came yesterday as well, so sparkly windows too!  

It took from 9.00 a.m. until 7.00 p.m. and everything is now sparkling.  So, not sport, but definitely activity.

Today 30 mins on treadmill, 4.03 km.  Running slowly is really working for me,  I started off at 7.7km/hr, and gradually increased the speed so I was at 9.7 for the final minute and a half. Usually I run at 8.9 from scratch and I get really uncomfortable and out of breath but this was a breeze.  Finally after 2 years, I figure out how to do it!!!  Just need to work out how to pace myself when not on a treadmill as I run too fast altogether and then have to walk a bit.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Days 13 and 14

Day 13 - I FORGOT about Juneathon!  Thought about it just before bedtime.  Lay on landing at 10.00 p.m. doing crunchies.  Was going to do 200, but made myself do 250 as punishment!

Day 14 - Slow jog on treadmill.  Today is the first day of my training for the half-marathon I've entered in September.  That will be my longest distance so far.

Realise that if I actually go slower I can plod along forever without having to walk at all, but if I do my usual and start off at a faster pace I have to have a walk break after about 10 mins.  The general aim is to actually finish the race.  I don't care what time I do it in.

View from the Treadmill

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Day 12 5k race

Did it!

It was p'ing down all morning, but loads of people turned up and it was a lovely race through the grounds and deer park of Woburn Abbey.

Best bit was where tiny fawn decided to join in and was running alongside us for ages.  Thought it was going to go to finish line for a medal.

I was glad to finish at 5k thought, the rain was not nice and when I saw the people who were going round for the 2nd lap I didn't envy them.

Runkeeper messed up again and paused itself after only 2.something k.  Thankfully the edit facility has let me put in exactly where I ran, and I noted the times so this is where I was

V. wet and cold. Really thought that Mother could have done the decent thing and run around with me holding umbrella! :)  She and Buster stayed in car with binoculars........ and didn't see me.  I got back to car and there she was staring at the runners through the bins and jumped out of her skin when I opened the door.

"I thought you couldn't be THAT far back" she said in a way that suggested that she thought I would be somewhere near the back.

Anyway Day 12 done well.  Down to pub now!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Day 11

Excellent Indian last night.  Have not even bothered to go near scales today.

Did swimming again today.  Not so good.  1) Cold! 2) Spider!

Have major problem when swimming in pool in that I can't bear to see things drowning, so end up doing zig-zag lengths collecting assorted flying ants, beetles etc. and swimming one handed to sides to offload soggy cargo.

Spider (massive, nay MASSIVE!) was on wall of pool above water line.  Resolved to ignore it.  Do not do spiders.

Inevitably spider got washed off wall into water due to waves created by powerful swimmer (ha!)


Not happy but no way could 'save' spider and put it out.  Decided that if I swooshed it to the far side of the pool,  gave it a name and pretended it was my friend, I might be able to tolerate it.

Named it Jesus (obviously) told it to keep to it's half of the pool, and carried on bravely.

Jesus did not keep to the rules, scuttled rapidly towards me.  Was glad that no-one was outside listening as I was screaming "Back off Jesus" whilst creating new record for length of pool.

Finally had to get out of water, find net, and hoik his Holiness out of pool.  Using a dimly remembered lacrosse throw, propelled Jesus far across lawn.



5k at Woburn Abbey tomorrow for British Heart Foundation. Weather forecast Rain!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Day 10+

Felt guilty and did the rest of the 500m of swimming.

Concocted cunning plan to thwart major problem - forgetting how many lengths I've done during swim.

Put one bowl full of wine corks and one empty bowl at starting end of pool, then, each time back at that end transferred 2 corks from full bowl to empty bowl! Clever Eh?!    (There is no need to go into question of how I got so many wine corks)

Total lengths today 34 = just a little over 500m. V.Good. Well Done Me!

Am starving.  Should I  a) wait until this evening for Indian, so I can eat it all, or
b) eat something healthy and filling now so I won't eat so much later???

Day 10

What a horrible night!

Woke up at 02.30 aching all over.  Bottom of feet, ankles, shins, knees, thighs, abs, neck, shoulders, arms, wrist and hands all really hurting a lot. Could hardly turn over.

Lay there just aching until husband got up at 05.30 then got 2 Ibuprofen which worked wonders and in 20 mins it was all OK.  I rarely take painkillers.  No idea what that was all about.  Ache a little bit today but no more than I'd expect to after doing all this exercise, but last night was something else.

Maybe ALL my muscles are growing.  Will wake up in a few days looking like Incredible Hulk.  Would prefer to be pink or purple than green though if allowed to choose.

Had hot tub this morning then a little swimming.  Better not overdo it, but going out for Indian tonight so might have to do a bit more later just to allow for extra calories!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Day 9 Done!


Forgot how much running was involved.  Legs killing me more now.

One of my calf muscles is really hurting......... Muscle????  but I don't have any calf muscles!!!

WOW, maybe one is GROWING????

Would really like to do swimming tomorrow, but only if weather is nice. Quelle quandry, need rain for sheep, but need sun for Juneathon!

I know I could swim in the rain, but what if a lightning bolt hit the pool??   Exactly... fried Kimmy!

Am going to have chicken and vegetables for dinner and hope that weight is still under 10st tomorrow.  If not don't care if lightning hits pool when I'm in it!!

Not quite Day 9.......

I LOVE YOU JUNEATHON!!  For the first time in 6 weeks my weight has gone below 10stone!!!

My legs however are absolutely killing me from yesterday's aerobics.  Squat lunges ow! Arabesque with pulses ow ow ow!

Would walking about in Fit Flops all day count as an activity???

Probably not.

Can't do much at the moment though.

Hopefully come up with something leg friendly later on!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Day 8

Well I can't believe that I've done an activity every day for over a week.  That's a first.

1 hour of cardio aerobics.  Did it OK, but just look sooo stupid when I see myself in mirror.  Today looked like a daddy long legs with boobs.

Got super strong sports bra and still was bouncing about like a bouncing thing. My calf muscles do not exist and have long skinny legs and arms, do have good abs, but cannot see them as still need to lose flabby area around stomach.  Not Fair!

Mother has insisted on sponsoring me for Sunday so no way out now. I know it's only 5k, but just feel a bit shy about doing a race on my own. Perhaps Mum will come to support.

Have ordered a new pair of trainers.  New Balance 1226.  Hope they arrive before Sunday because a 5k race will be a good test of if they rub or not.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Days 6 & 7

Monday felt horrible.  Nothing specific just completely fuggy.  Did abs just to get some sort of activity done.  Nothing great.

Tuesday ran outdoors.  Sheep banned from one big field to let grass grow, so I did some circuits of it with dog.

Used Runkeeper.

BAD Runkeeper!  It paused itself!  It was giving me voice alerts every 500m and after 2k I was waiting and waiting for the next 500 and it didn't come.  Thought I was running v. slowly.  Came out of field ran down drive, round house and garden thinking any second now another 500m will be done but no!

In the end gave up looked at iPhone and saw what had happened.  Have edited map and found I did just over 3k before giving up.

I run a lot faster outside than on the treadmill.  Think I'll be fine for 5k on Sunday.

Here is nice recipe for muesli

200 g Porridge Oats
50g oat Bran (optional)
Large handful of Sultanas
Large handful of Almonds or Hazelnuts
500 ml Apple juice.

Mix the above together in large bowl and leave in fridge overnight

Then add
250 ml plain, low fat live yoghourt
2 grated apples.
Mix together - add more apple juice if needed.

Serve as is, or add some berries or banana on top.

A small bowl of this will last you all the way through to lunch!

This will last about 4 days in fridge.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Day 5!

I sooo didn't want to do anything today, but it's only Day 5.  Can't give up yet.  (yes you can yes you can whisper the 'voices')

Decided it had to be something easy so tried barefoot running for the first time since I was a child.  (Mainly because I couldn't be bothered to put my trainers on.)

It was good because I didn't run so fast and that made it easy.  I did a fraction over a mile and will see what my ankles, shins and knees have to say about it in the morning before I decide whether to try it again or for longer.

I know, LAZY LAZY LAZY, but at least I did SOMETHING.

This time next week I'll have done a 5k race, I hope, so I'd better be feeling a bit more motivated by then!

Looked on internet this morning at life-size cut-out's.  Could get one of me in bikini now (Lardy) to compare with me by end of July when going to Venice (Slinky Slim)! Only worry is if kill myself doing all this exercise, husband might have cut-out standing at front of church for service.  Not a good look to be remembered by!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Day 4 - done! ZUMBA!

2nd Attempt at ZUMBA!

Oo la la.  I have the grace of a brick.  

Arms and legs all wrong, but on the few occasions was doing it right it felt good.

However badly was doing it though still worked up a sweat so it's done me good.

V. pleased this morning to find I've lost a little bit of weight since Juneathon started!

Friday, 3 June 2011

Day 3 Still doing it!!

Decided I had to get on the treadmill today. Got on it, then had a think about turning it on.

Live on a farm so have lovely fields to run round, but poor sheep are starving due to lack of rain and no grass growing, and didn't want to frighten them and make them run about , they haven't volunteered for Juneathon after all is said and done.

Did treadmill for 5k, hoorah! Good for me!  Used Audiofuel to help me along (Rollercoaster)   thank you Sean.   Actually did not call Sean nice names or say anything like 'thank you' during run.

Now going to go in hot tub for relax of poor old bones.  Hot tub ought to count as activity as at 40 degreesC it really raises the heart rate.  Don't think I'd get away with it for Juneathon though.

Can see hottub from treadmill, husband lying in it during my whole run.  Poor thing is exhausted now and asleep in sunshine like big old dog.

Race pack arrived for next week's Woburn Run for BHF.  Will probably only do the 5k not the 10 k unless fitness levels raise dramatically in next 8 days!

Today is Friday, pub this evening, what will I do tomorrow that will not kill me???

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Juneathon Day 2

Had to go shopping/post office/supermarket and didn't want to get all hot and sweaty and have to wash my hair etc, so decided to do activity later on.

Got back home still with nice hair and make-up and still didn't want to get all hot and sweaty so persuaded myself that swimming was the answer!

Figured that 33-34 lengths of pool = half a kilometre, so set off.

Didn't think I'd do it as I thought I'd be bored, but actually enjoyed it and did 34 lengths of breaststroke! V. pleased with myself and smug. Not bad as I don't usually do lengths in the pool, just splashing around.

Nice man arrived halfway through with parcel delivery but dog showed him where I was so he came to edge of pool for me to sign and I didn't have to interrupt my epic swim.

Do have to do running tomorrow though as have entered a 5 or 10k (will decide on the day) on June 12th.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Day 1 Juneathon

I'm doing Juneathon as I want to lost 10lbs before July 28th, when my Husband is taking me to Venice on the Orient Express then 4 nights in Venice.  I want to be able to eat my way round Venice, ice creams every day etc. without feeling at all guilty so this is the price I have to pay.

As I kickstarted my Juneathon weight loss with a curry last night (obviously a back-kick) I decided to try something new for my first day of fitness so I did ZUMBA!

O.M.G. !

I've watched my friend's 12 year old make it look soooo easy.  It isn't. It was worse still when I caught sight of myself in the mirror,  heaving around in the wrong direction arms and legs flailing about looking not at all cool and groovy.

However after an hour of it I'm v. hot and sweaty and I did find that I was grinning so It can't be all bad.

Running tomorrow.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

First post

Well this is my first blog post and I've started it so I can enter Juneathon one of the conditions of which is that I have to blog every day of June.