Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Crappy Run

Well that was rubbish!
I decided that I was doing a long run of 14 miles. If I did this I'd be v. happy about the HM at the end of Sept.
I did everything right.
Had Pasta last night, had porridge for breakfast this morning 2½ hours before run.
Everything went wrong.
First my music played all crackly don't know if it was the headphones or the iPod.
I couldn't get into any sort of rhythm.
Then runkeeper spazzed out and told me that I'd already done 34km! Luckily I also had the Garmin on which stayed accurate.
Then the iPhone for whatever reason kept turning voice control on and trying to phone random contacts from the phone book. WHY WAS IT DOING THIS?????
Then the iPod stopped playing altogether.
Then I got stitch!  I never get stitch, in fact I don't think I've ever had stitch once since I started running.
So I though "Bugger it all!" and gave up!  So 14 miles was only 5.63 miles followed by a walk back to the car.

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