Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Nearly There!!

So, Half Marathon is on Sunday!!!

I do feel ready now, although I'm not going to break any records.  I was awed when I saw Nell McAndrews coming in at 1hr 25 on the Great North Run last weekend, but there is no fear of me doing that.

My hairdresser did this race 2 years ago when she was 23 and she did it in 2hrs 41, so I'd like to beat her time.  Also one of Mike's granddaughters did the GNR last year in 2hrs 46,  at age 21, so beating either of the girls would do me fine as I'm twice their age. (and the rest).

I finally feel that I have my kit exactly right.

My New Balance 1226 trainers are great.
Garmin Forerunner 610 - v. efficient.  I've pared the info back to the bare minimum for Sunday so I'm not running along trying to work out what it all means.
Runkeeper as a back-up, my old pal and not really an added extra as I use the iPhone for music.
My Senneheiser 680i headphones are excellent, they just don't fall out even when my face and ears are all sweaty. (Nice).
Shock Absorber Run Bra - terrific, now I've finally got the shoulder straps at the right level so they don't unhook themselves as I'm going along.
Best of all 1000 mile tactel trainer liners.  These are the BEST socks ever.  They have completely stopped me getting blisters which used to be a real issue.

I do have a penchant for running with the kitchen sink, and watching the GNR on Sunday no-one seemed to be wearing belts.  I will definitely have a small bumbag on as I don't feel happy without sweeties, and a couple of hankies, even if I don't use them.
There was a man with a fridge on his back.  My sort of runner.  I'd have it stocked with drinks, sweeties, loo roll, and also make-up, hairbrush, spare clothes,  mirror, body spray.

Hoping to finally meet Fortnight Flo on Sunday!

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  1. LOL! I like to run with lots of stuff too...I am going to try to pare it down for Sunday. Looking forward to meeting you too.