Thursday, 1 September 2011

Possible Answers!

So, after yesterday's disappointment I set about making sure it wouldn't happen again.

After researching on t'internet, I concluded that both the crackly music, and the ghostly voice commands, were the fault of the earphones.

Earphones have been the bane of my life since I started running. Either they are too big in my ears and they hurt, or they get all sweaty and fall out, or other irritating little problems to numerous to bore you with.

I recently treated myself to some new ones, Radiopaq Flex.  They go round the ear so are less likely to fall out.

They were recommended as very good on a website that was reviewing sports earphones so they were the ones for me.  THEY are the ones that messed me up yesterday.

The have consistently fallen out since I've been using them.  The voice control issue, is apparently if sweat or a breeze gets into the mic hole it sets off the iPhone's voice control randomly, and I don't know why they've gone crackly after only about 6 outings, so I'm not pleased with that purchase.

Anyway I can't run on my own without music, so I bit the bullet and bought Senneheiser 680i's at a very cheap price on eBay yesterday afternoon, and today less than 24 hours later they've arrived - Excellent service.

I've had a go with them just walking about and they are very secure on my head (they have a headband at the back and go over the ears as well).  No cracklyness either, and hopefully when I take them out there'll be no more random phoning people.

Also, I had a Dr. appointment this morning.  For several weeks I've had a really really sore ............tongue!   I've been trying all sorts of medicated mouthwashes but it hasn't got better so I decided to seek advice as it's beginning to get me down a bit. (My husband says it's probably worn out).

I think it's the only time I've been to the Dr. and he's actually said "Stick your tongue out and go aaaaaahhhhh!"

He's not sure what it is, he had a good feel around my head and neck and made me yelp when he discovered that my lymph nodes are swollen.  (I hadn't noticed).  So now I'm on a week long course of Horse tablets  anti-biotics and he wants me back next week.

Anyone got any ideas about sore tongues???  One of my friends said that with the HM training I'm probably a bit "run-down".  Hahahahah!

So I'm blaming the fact that I'm unwell (I'm on anti-biotics, so I'm proper unwell, no arguing) for my poor performance yesterday.

I'm hoping to go out again tomorrow so we'll see if I do any better with my snazzy new earphones.

Watch this space.

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  1. Proper unwell indeed! Hope you get better v v soon xx